Patriotic Students Win Local Americanism Essay Contest


“Why I Am Proud To Be An American” was the theme this year for the Green Valley Elks annual Americanism essay contest and winners from Sahuarita and Continental Middle Schools were awarded their medals in March by our brand new Exalted Ruler (as of 1 April) , Arturo Galbadon at their respective school assemblies.  


One hundred and thirty nine entries were judged by Elk members John Culver, Ken Goff, Larry Boehms, and Cathy Travis. Winners were in two different divisions: 68 entries from 5th and 6th graders for Division I and 71 entries from 7th and 8th graders.  Entries were judged on originality, development of them, mechanics, and neatness. 


Winners from Continental Middle School include Abigael Hein, who wrote “I’m proud to be an American because we have freedom, we are a forgiving nation, and we have the right to vote”.  Riley Goldsmith’s essay included a poignant sentence: “When I look up and see a red, white, and blue flag floating high against the stars, I feel dignity and gratitude to be standing under the shadow of America”.


Not to be outdone, Sahuarita Middle School student Daisey Che’s essay contained “I know how precious freedom is because in many countries like my mother’s country before the war, people didn’t have freedom.”  Also from Sahuarita, Kayla Christiansen’s entry included a description about what the phrase “… what so proudly we hailed…” from the Star Spangled Banner means – “It isn’t the song or the flag we are proud of.  It’s what they symbolize – America”. Maddie Bullington’s entry described her pride was “…because our country has provided a model for other nations to provide freedom for their people.”


One thing our judges and the contest coordinator, Susan Anderson, learned from this contest – our students are proud to be Americans and are well versed in why our country is great.  Looks like we will be in good hands in the future – who knows, we may have some future leaders right here in Pima County.  Congratulations to all winners!