Green Valley Elks 2592

Honoring our WWII Vets

This lodge is proud to announce that the Travel Club is sponsoring 4 WWII veterans to fly to DC in recognition of their duty.  Thank you to the Travel Committee for making this sponsorship possible. 

WWII veterans Archibald Jackson, Bob Willis, Ed Sawicki, and Bill Durall-PER, these WWII veterans are members of our Lodge.


The Travel Club Administrator, Tom Bright and his wife Twyla.  Advisory group Jim & Dorrie Carrol, Chuck & Norma Cross and Ed & Rosemary Grant. This is one of the most gratifying projects we could have entered into. We travel for fun but we return to the Lodge meaningful donations that benefit the property and the people who are members. One of our finest contributions.

For any one interested in Travel we provide high quality travel while at the same time returning to the Lodge donations for the advancement of the Lodge and its members. The next time you are considering a trip please consider joining us. It will benefit you and our Lodge.


Tom Bright

Travel Club Coordinator