Green Valley Elks Lodge 2592

Celebrated Memorial Day on May 29th with a Party at the Lodge

Next year come and be part of the fun ...

Exalted Ruler Arturo Gabaldón welcomes our members and their guests to our Memorial Day fun.

Step right up and buy your tickets for the Raffle in support of ENF!

Time to make your bets

Let the Horse Races begin #1 Race

Winner was horse 2

Race #2

Winner was horse 3

Race #3

Winner was horse number 6

Race #4

Winner was horse number 4

Who is that rolling the dice?

Now for the winner of the Raffle:

The Raffle was in support of Elks National Foundation - Thank you for your support!


Now lets try some of the hamburgers and hotdogs!  They were super fantastic ...


Finally some dancing to the Music of Green Velvet (they were fantastic)!!!!!

Thank you for a memorial Memorial Day Party