Green Valley Elks Lodge 2592 & the Green Valley Ladies Auxiliary

Proudly Present the Painting of the Lodge Room

July 2011

Lodge Room Redecorating Project is Complete!

 As you enjoy our Lodge Room’s new décor, please take a moment to thank the many folks, both Elk and Auxiliary members, who helped make this whole project happen.  As you may recall, we first had a Wine Tasting Fundraiser, April 17, 2011, to raise the funds for this project – in the amount of $1398.00.  For all of you that attended, had fun, tasted some great wines, and/or purchased wine - a big thank you!!!  Thanks to Mike Leigh, our own head bartender, for helping us learn to pour, and the ladies from Alliance Beverage, who provided us with great wines. The volunteers that worked that event include Debbie Berntzen, Mary Newton, June Moses, Pat & Judy Kiely, Joann Reisner, June Shanahan, Loretta & Mario Potenzieri, Antwon Saunders, and Tom Shanahan PERCathy Travis and I, your organizers for that event, sincerely appreciate the hard work you put into the training class (hee hee) and at the tasting. 

And last month, a group of Elk and Auxiliary members again came together and planned, shopped, cleaned, stripped, repaired, patched, constructed, vacuumed, polished, stained, and painted as a team to create the new look we will all enjoy for years to come.   We can’t forget our own Chef Dave, who kept us fed enough to work through the afternoons, Tom Bright, who kept us cool in the 100+ temperatures, Ken Haley, our Lodge photographer who captured priceless moments in pixels, and our Lodge’s maintenance crew, Cheeto and Martha, who cleaned up after us each night. And the volunteers wish to convey a special thanks to Steve Howard and Mark Foust, Elk members, who saw the tired and bedraggled workers at the end of a long day and bought them a round of drink, not once, but twice – it kept morale high!

Finally, special thank to Mike at Ace Hardware in Green Valley, who helped us with supplies, advice, and a discount and to Paula Lajoie, owner of A Fine Faux Finish (, and her assistant, Anne Marie who donated their time and expertise in creating the beautiful faux effect on our walls.  Who knows what our next endeavor will be – stay tuned to future events as we demonstrate this year’s theme – “together we are better”!

 Susan Anderson, Lecturing Knight

The “Cathys”, Kathi George and Cathy Travis, tagged team to also remove wallpaper and paste; 

There were lots of laughs, many stemming from Chuck, “the Jester”, George as he looked down on us from his post at the ceiling, as he removed wallpaper glue and cleaned ceiling tile rails. 

Tom, “the Stripper” Shanahan, also worked on wallpaper removal, but from a much more comfortable post, as you can see from these photos.


June, “the Queen”, Shanahan, set the example for hard working royalty as she scrubbed doors, vacuumed draperies, oiled doors, and filled in wherever needed.

Brian “Master Painter” Berntzen, was a jack of all trades and the primary painter and door stainer for all accent areas

Cathy Travis then graduated to wall washing expert as she ensured all walls were clean and ready for final treatments. 

Loretta, “Brasso Queen”, Potenzieri, worked hard on polishing the door handles, knobs, wicket, and knocker while her husband,

Mario, “Electric Handyman”, Potenzieri, did all the electrical work, handyman duties, and constructed the new Bingo Board. 

Debbie, “the Apprentice” Berntzen, was our primary nail remover and hole patcher, then progressed to door washer, vacuumer, and onto novice painter. 

Gary, “the Muscle” Anderson, spent many hours at the ceiling as well as caring for our Elks. 

Thank you to all our volunteers!