Green Valley Elks 2592

Drug Awareness - Door Contest

October 28, 2011




On Friday October 28, 2011 Sopori School in Amado displayed their newly decorated doors for the Green Valley Elks Red Ribbon Week Drug Awareness theme "I Choose Not to Use".


Each door was designed to enhance the message to children not to do drugs.


There were 4 class room winners chosen and 220 children participated in this contest.


K-2 grades - 1st place winner was Mrs. Kleinholz 1st graders


3-4 grades - 1st place winner was Mrs. Rosa Alverez - 3rd graders


5-6 grades - 1st place winners were Mrs. Walders - 5th graders and


Mrs. Gettinger - 6th grades


Since both 5th and 6th graders did such a wonderful job of depicting the theme, they both won.




A pizza party will be awarded to all classes that won 1st place at a later date.


1st photo - 1st grade winner

2nd photo - 3rd grade winner (note: each piece of the pin wheel underneath had a message about not using drugs)

3rd photo - 5th grade winner (note: each box contained a message about why not to use drugs and what would happen if you did use drugs)

4th photo - 6th grade winner (note: double sided poster depicts a good message about not using drugs and the flip side picture depicts a person using drugs)


Article submitted by Cheryl Ponzo- Lodge Leading Knight and Publicity Chairman

Photos submitted by Kenneth Haley - Lodge Photographer.