Green Valley Elks Lodge 2592

Cards for our Veterans

November 11, 2011

The Elks have established a program for our youth entitled "AMERICA'S YOUTH GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY AND OUR VETERANS". Instead of giving something to our youth, we are challenging them. We are asking them to give something back to the community by working with and for our nation's veterans who helped secure the comforts we enjoy today.

Our activities in these areas further illustrate the Elk's commitment to our youth and "Serving Our Nation's Veterans".

On November 11, 2011 a Green Valley Elks Lodge #2592 member, 1st grade students - Michael & Mattie Landman and Ava Housley from Continental Elementary School and their parents - Julia & Mike Landman & Mandy Housley traveled to the Tucson VA Rehab Center to present 42 hand-made Veterans Day cards to our Veterans. The Veterans Day cards were made by the 1st graders of Continental School. First Grade teacher, Tara Mulay, co-coordinated the event at Continental School along with 1st grade teachers and Erica Woodward and Barbara Snodgrass. Joe Soto, VA Representative, the students and parents visited 23 Veterans and said to them when presenting the card, "Happy Veterans Day. Thank you for your Service to our Country". The remainder of the cards were given to Veterans that were either too ill to see the students or were not in their rooms at the time. Elk member Cheryl Ponzo - GV Youth Activities Chairman and AZ So. District Youth Activities Vice Chairman provided support for this heartfelt event. As the students presented the cards to some of the Veterans, tears formed in their eyes and they thanked them for coming to see them.