Green Valley Elk 2592

Youth Awards Programs

May 7, 2012

The members of Green Valley Elks Lodge 2592 were proud to recognize the efforts of youth in our community.  

Americanism Essay Winners: 

Aileen Garcia, Sienna Wallen, Carlos Serino and Carden Arias.  Presented by Carol Sturdevant, Lodge Americanism Essay Chair and Esteemed Leading Knight.


Drug Awareness Winners:

Left to right: Aileen Garcia, Priscilla Pinales, Tina Nicole Taylor, Julia Righetti, and Shaelee Baur.  Presented by Jack Ponzo, Drug Awareness Chair. 


Hoop Shoot Winners: 

Left to right:  Daniel Mody-Gonzalez, Adrian Chapman, Solymar Navarro and Alyssa Walters.  Presented by Sandy Walters, Hoop Shoot Chair.


Lodge Scholarship Recipients:

Back row left to right: Kathie Fort, Sydney Halliburton, Auriauna Lyons, Megan Green, and Tom Bright DDGER Scholarship Chair

Front row left to right: Kevin Arreaga, Vicram Vettiyil, Anthony Vicenti, Tyler Ward

Back row left to right: Justine Bacchus, Anna Stockwell, Anne Bruno, and Loretta Potenzieri Elks Auxiliary President

Front row left to right:  Isabella Moreno, Venus Soontornprueska and Evonne Murphy

Not in photo is Alyssa Salazar.


In support of Boy Scouts:

the lodge recognized Porter De Fazio for achieving his Eagle Scout, in photo with Arturo Gabaldón PER


The awards were followed with an excellent spaghetti meal:

A few fun shots shots:

The Moreno Family and Arturo & Rosanna with Isabella

Amber & Anne Bruno

The De Fazio Family

The Soontornprueska Family

Special thanks to our volunteers:

Back row left to right: Bert & Lil Blais, Chad, Charlene Jackson, Mayme Specht PER and Lodge Chaplain, Frank Sturdevant, Carol Sturdevant Esteemed Leading Knight,

Front row left to right: Susan Trecartin, Kathy Grendys ER's Lady, and Friend.

The ER and his lady want to give special thanks to Susan Trecartin for Chairing this event and Esteemed Leading Knight for MC'ing and Mayme Specht PER Lodge Chaplain for working so hard, all of our volunteers have our deepest gratitude.  Thank you

Photos by Jim Smith, Lodge Photographer